The Other Voice of Sudan


‘The Other Voice of Sudan’ is an audio documentary (in Arabic) that re-tells a historic moment in Sudan that changed the country forever. In the documentary,three characters, Martha, Sara and Musab, share the struggles of living in post-secession Sudan and the ways that the 2011 split influenced their understandings of identity, nationality and home.
.٣ شخصيات تروي كيف تأثرت من انفصال جنوب السودان عن الشمال، وتحدثنا عن المعاناة التي خلقت تساؤلات عن معنى الوطن والانتماء

Listen below:

This documentary was produced as an episode for Kerning Cultures, a Middle East podcast company. Produced by Darah Ghanem and Shahd Bani-Odeh with editorial support from Dana Ballout and sound design by Mohammed Khreizat. Music by Musaab MR and Sammany Hajo.

Producer’s note:

 This story has been in the works for almost a year. Last August, I sat down with my co-producer Shahd Bani Odeh and convinced her of producing a story in Sudan - one that is long overdue. Having only known each other a couple of months, we got on a plane to Khartoum on the 30th of November 2018. We were nervous and adrenaline was high - how can we do justice to a country that has been so misrepresented for so long? It was a huge responsibility. Little did we know that the responsibility would grow... because three weeks later, on the 19th of December 2018, Sudan made history with the beginning of a popular uprising that grew into a revolution. Despite the temptation of changing the direction to honour the revolution, we stuck it out, deciding that even this story can tell us so much about what’s happening today.

This documentary is the story of South Sudan’s independence from the perspective of its forgotten children. It’s a story of alienation, loss and resilience. Oh wow what a resilient people the Sudanese are… I haven’t been to a country that has more strength or ingenuity. Please have a listen if you can, hopefully this story will shed a very small light on some of the reasons why young people in Khartoum are revolting today. I want to say thank you to our collaborators, Sarah, Musab and Martha for sharing their stories with us. What an honour it is to tell you story. I want to thank my best friends Ahmed Mahjoub and Salah Eldeen for supporting this story in every way they could (from planning to logistics to our time in Sudan - sorry for all the trouble!). I want to thank all our friends in Sudan and the UAE Sudanese friends who helped us with all kinds of post-production, from transcription to audio. Finally, I want to thank the KC team for trusting us with this story, and for pushing us to produce it to the best of our ability. What a journey it has been. Thank you to Sudan for welcoming us so warmly.., I hope this story does you justice.