daily inspiration: photographer abbas habiballa


I stumbled upon Sudanese photographer Abbas Habiballa's work while scouring the internet for more resources about Sudan (I have an article currently under construction and looking for references). I love finding the work of photographers who lived before our digitalized age because it shows the true extent of their talent - no easy digital equipment to make everything look good. It takes true artistry. 

From what I gather Habiballa was born in the 1950s and pursued photography in the 60s and 70s, during the era of Sudan's post-independence, post-modern aesthetics. He took everyday photos around his neighbourhood and hometown. Sometimes you just need plain old raw artistry to shake and move you. 

I love this photojournal of his work. 

update: i'm in sudan


Khartoum is just next level. I never expected to be so *surprised* at life in Sudan, yet here I am re-evaluating everything I know about this country. It's full of mixtures, fusions and beautiful contradictions. Everything is so diverse from the food to the dialects spoken. I think the theme of this trip is that Sudan is "diversely diverse". 

Khartoum is nothing like I expected and more. Unfortunately due to lack of access to the internet as well as not having my laptop charger with me, I won't be able to update my blog regularly like I planned to. Although I do promise that there will be posts once I'm back as well as something published here or there. 

In the meantime you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter to get updates on my time here.

Love, Darah xx