Another life update - October 2019

It’s been a while since I last checked in here and when I saw my previous update it inspired me to write this. Wow, so much has happened since June. I feel like every couple of months, my entire life changes orbit, rearranges, folds and unfolds, morphs into something or another. I wonder to what extend that’s a good or bad thing. Is change really supposed to be this fast?

In any case, it’s been wild since June - career wise of course. That’s all I will ever share on here (I’ll leave the personal to my photo projects and various documentary endeavors). I can’t really expose the projects I’m working on currently but I will say that I’ve been working on a really exciting photo project for over a month that will be exhibited in Dubai soon - I’ll of course share details when I can. I’m also working on an article and photo series for Vice Arabia, as well as producing three stories for Kerning Cultures. It’s nuts for me at the moment.

That being said, I wanted to share some images I took over the summer. I’ve been experimenting with film photography for a couple of months and decided to take my friend’s (a seasoned film photographer) Nikon 35ti on my trip to Amman.

I spent three weeks in Amman this summer with the family - something I haven’t done in so long. It was so good to be back in the place that inspired me to become a journalist in the first place. Amman has always been my muse and being away from it for two years created a vacuum of inspiration in me. It’s so cliche to consider a city your inspiration or muse but for me its the energy of Amman that just makes me want to continually document it. I see it with fresh eyes every time I’m there.

GPP September-119.jpg

This time I really gravitated towards photographing women in Amman. I think the lack of documentary photography centered around women in the region always made me uneasy… but in any case, this is what I kept shooting, girls and women and my sisters and myself.

GPP September-175.jpg

I’ve been constantly documenting Biso this year… I’m compiling images of her for 'Finding Biso’ - a project about her and for her. I’ll be sharing more of it soon.

GPP September-192.jpg
GPP September-190.jpg

I met this girl, ‘Aleppo’, while walking around Jabal Amman. She’s a Syrian refugee living in an urban environment like many of the refugees in Jordan who came before her.

GPP September-189.jpg
GPP September-135.jpg

Biso is so grown up now… I love photographing her and seeing her blossom like this. Spending time with her on this trip was one of my favourite things. She’s my best friend.

GPP September-197.jpg
GPP September-209.jpg
GPP September-201.jpg

These kids playing on the street really took me in when I came along with my camera. Jordanian kids teaching us all that sharing is truly caring.

GPP September-240.jpg

We spent a lot of time on the road and whenever I pulled out my camera, Biso wanted to experiment with it too.

GPP September-325.jpg

One of my favourite portraits that I took on this trip.

GPP September-238.jpg
GPP September-222.jpg

My mom… stylish as ever. Always the most special lady in the room.

GPP September-205.jpg
GPP September-159.jpg

Celebrating my cousin’s engagement.

Despite the fact that this trip was much needed, I’m glad to be back. I’m glad that the work season is starting again and I’m so excited about my upcoming projects and work. I also have some exciting things planned for the rest of the year which I hope work out as I hope.

This year, so far, has been all about ‘doing’. At the beginning of the year, in January, I wrote a list of goals that I wanted to achieve this year. I never thought that writing down all the things I wanted to achieve would actually materialize into anything. I updated the list again in June. When I checked the list yesterday, I was already half-way through the entire list. I was shocked and happy and in disbelief. How did I managed to stick to this? I don’t know but I’m going to re-evaluate the list before the end of this year and reflect on what made this year so different for me. Maybe I’ll write a blog post here with some of my personal tips on 2019.