finding biso 

Those of you that follow me on Instagram might already be familiar with #findingbiso. Since its the start of a new year, I thought it would be appropriate to share some of the images from the hashtag on my blog, since I haven’t been great at archiving everything I’m doing on my website the last few months. For those of you that aren’t familiar, I’ll explain.

#findingbiso is a project that started on Instagram in September 2018. I was regularly documenting and posting photos of my 9 year old sister Bisan (Biso for short. b. 2009) after realizing how quickly she was growing. I also realized that, unlike Biso, my pre-teen years were rarely documented. I really want to capture her at this delicate age because I wish someone had documented me - I remember being really camera shy, and was developing a really complicated relationship with my body at the time, something I want to look back on and really understand. But I also remember being very innocent still, making my naivety and maturity a paradox that I wish someone caught on camera. I often find myself thinking of that time in my life, and looking for ways to re-narrate it, but finding very little. I hope this project serves as an archive for Biso in the future, and I hope that you’ll (she’ll) never have to wonder what you were like before you became you.

All these photos were captured on my iphone 7. For updates just come back to this post, I’ll try to keep it up to date every few months.