we've moved! 

Photo by Augustine Peredes

Photo by Augustine Peredes

Hey guys! It's been a while since I've checked in on my blog. As you all know, my blog became the first home for follow the halo. Since I began the project, its been growing faster and bigger than I imagined. That's why, in true creative fashion, I decided to permanently move follow the halo to its own domain. It's only fair, right? I am really excited to start Halo's journey on the new platform and see it grow into the creative machine that it is. To find more of Halo's magic, check out our new and improved website, www.followthehalo.com. 

For those of you wondering what I will do with my blog - that's exactly what it will be - my blog. My personal space to share my thoughts and musings as follow the halo grows and as I grow as a photographer/writer/storyteller. Check occasionally to hear my thoughts and see where I go next. 

Much love, xx