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Taken in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Taken in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

I'm back from Nicaragua and there's already so much on my plate. But oh what an amazing experience it's been. What I love about going so far from home is how different I am when I am back. I learn so much, see so much, know so much. Although, this time, I'm really different. I am currently working on a photo journal that's slightly different from what I usually write about. Most of the time my work is cheerful and positive - this time the photographs I took, and how I felt, wasn't so cheerful. And I guess in a way, that's just part of the journey - every destination is unique and how you feel about it is unique. 

Hopefully, I'll be done working on the photo journal and this month's issue of follow the halo soon. This month we're talking about diaspora, a topic I feel hits way too close to home. 

Until then.