daily inspiration: raveena aurora's music

Today's inspiration is Raveena Aurora. A young R&B singer based in New York, Raveena doesn't shy away from sharing her roots and her pride in being a WoC. She says that she wants her music to be a space for "self-love" for WoC, and to show WoC in a positive, feminine light, different from how they are usually portrayed in the media. 

I got this quote from an interview she did with i-D Magazine and I think it pretty much sums it up: 

"I think it's extremely important for women of color to have self love, just for their own survival and growth as a community. I wanted to make a video that embodied that with women coming together to support and celebrate each other's beauty and strength. I also wanted to do it through a dreamy, escapist lens. I wanted to portray these them in this feminine, sweet way because that's not usually the roles we're given as underrepresented women in the media — that the girl-next-door, Virgin Suicides quality that blonde women usually play. Showing women of color through that lens was really important for me"

I love her visuals, her voice, her lyrics, her music. Seeing so many WoC around the world make art to tell stories about who we are and where we come from is endlessly inspiring to me. 


Enjoy xx